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Venezuela needs to develop culture to fight corruption

Caracas, Aug 02, ABN- Venezuela needs to develop a new ethics through the expression of culture. This is essential to fight corruption in society.

This says Alla Glinchikova, allied to the Russian institute of glaobalization studies and studies on social movements in an interview with the Agencia Bolivariana de Noticias on the sixth summit of the Latin American and Caribbean Union.

“I noticed that the Venezuelan people consider art and culture as an elitist thing”, Glinchikova said. “But it is important to use art to change the ethics that provoke corruption within the society”.

“Corruption is not only due to a corrupt bureaucracy, it is a attitude that functions within the whole society”, she explains referring to her experiences in Russia.

“Russia after the fall of communism changed. It works in favor of the high oligargy in favor of rich people” .

“The Venezuelan state is result of a revolution, the change came from below, from within the society, and that is why it has a bigger chance to fight corruption from within the society”.

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