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Dutch Antilles want to be the bridge between Europe and Latin America

Caracas, Aug 07, ABN (Tessa Marsman).-The Dutch Antilles want to make use of its position at the coastline of the Latin American continent and its political position as part of the Dutch kingdom in order to form an economical and political bridge between Europe and Latin America.

«We are part of the Carribean, but we are also part of European constallations», said Glenn Sulvaran, President of the Antillian governing party PAR and a member of the Antillian parliament, in an interview with the Agencia Bolivariana de Noticias

«We can participate in the Latin American economical block the Mercosur but also in the European Union. This position is unique», he explained in the interview last Friday on the the sixth Latin American and Carribean Social Forum helt in Caracas

For a while now, a fundamental discussion is going on between the Antilles and the Netherlands on the way the Antilles can participate in the Latin American blocks and Holland can take advantage of this participation. One of the obstacles is the anti globalization movement from the socialist Latin American countries.

Sulivan does not see this idiology as a problem. «If there are developments within our region, I think we should participate, just like when there are developments within Europe.»

Even though Antilles foreign affairs and defence are following the line of the Dutch kingdom, «at the same time we are also trying to enter Caricom and the OAS (Organization of American States)», says the Antillian member of Parliament. Caricon is a cooperation treaty between most of the carribean islands.

«With an Antillian participation in Mercosur and the Alba, Dutch and industies or services from other European countries can start a seat on the Antilles and trade their products against the internal trait fares».

The Mescosur as well as the Alba are economiscal and political blocks between several South American countries.

Economical and political participation
«Cooperation, however, does not only evolves around economy», says Sulvaran. «It also deals with the behaviour of people, about the socialization process. A participation also takes place on the political level».

The Antilles deal with an increasing polution. It is one of the biggest menaces of tourism, the mayor sources of income. By participating in the cooperation in Latin Americas treaties it hopes to find a solution to this transbordering problem

«We have to make a choice on how to manage natural recources and how to make the people of the Antilles participate in finding a solution», says Sulvaren. «It is an important discussion. Changes can only be carried through if the initiative comes from the people».

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