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Venezuela rejects unilateral anti drug plan

Caracas, Sep 19, ABN.- Venezuela will no longer participate in anti drug plans that are imposed by other countries. This declared Rubén de Jesús Pirela Rodríguez, President of the National Anti Drugs Office (ONA- Spanish abbreviation), this Wednesday on the signing of the anti drugs agreement between the government of Miranda State and the National Anti drugs Office in Caracas.

Miranda is the first in line of the 23 Venezuelan states to sign an agreement with the ONA.
Foreign anti drug programs are focused mainly on international drug trafficking, according to the ONA President. The newly signed agreements include also national trafficking and national drug abuse.

‘We are a sovereign country and we will only participate in multilateral agreements that respect our independence’, he declared.

Venezuela participates in fifty multilateral anti drug agreements with thirty-five countries. One of the most significant agreements was signed in the nineties on the Latin American top in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. It consists of 51 points that were implemented in the national procedures of the countries and “with cooperation and affirmation of the countries”, according to the ONA President.

In addition, there are recent agreements with Germany, United Kingdom and a French-Hispanic agreement is recently being signed.

Earlier this year the United Nations declared Venezuela responsible in the fight against drugs. It affirmed that the Caribbean country was the third in the world in drug confiscations.

The approach of the signed agreements is a new one. The 177 drug abuse prevention and treatment centers in Miranda State and later in the whole Venezuela will incorporate the communities.

This approach is in accordance with the national anti drug law and the socialist approach of the government of President Hugo Chávez, who promotes participation of its citizens. In December of this year, 4 thousand cooperatives must be ready to help the drug prevention and treatment centers.

The agreements signed today are part of the Sow Values for Life Mission, which is an overall government anti drug plan seeking to reinforce the third and fifth revolution motor that must lead to a conscious socialist society in which citizens participate.

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